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Reading: 8 Creative Kitchen Island Styles for Your Home

8 Creative Kitchen Island Styles for Your Home

3 min read

The kitchen island has become a staple of most modern kitchen designs as a more practical use of space which offers up an ideal configuration for entertaining. The growing popularity of the kitchen island has led to some incredible new ideas and innovations taking place to turn the humble island into an interior design showpiece.

In this list we will highlight some of the most amazing, innovative and creative kitchen island designs which can be used in your home.

1. The Waterfall Edge Island

By far the most popular design choice for the kitchen island is the simple waterfall edge, with the benchtop surface cascading down one or both sides of the benchtop to the floor. Its popularity stems from being a relatively affordable and practical design which allows the island to be utilised as a breakfast bar or for extra storage.

Carlisle Homes
Bathrooms & Kitchens SA

2. The Solid Stone Island

This design gives the illusion that the kitchen island has been crafted from a single block of solid stone and offers up a more minimalist finish perfect for sophisticated spaces.

Gavin Maddock Design Studio
Spado Architects

3. The Breakfast Bar Island

The breakfast bar island has long been a staple of practical kitchen design, but in recent times the design has been refined into something much more than just a simple overhang. Island extensions in contrasting colours and materials are increasingly popular, while more innovative choices for kick panels such as mirror or timber are also a great inclusion.

Alta Architecture
Fairmont Homes NSW

4. The Dining Table Island

Stemming from the success of the humble breakfast bar, kitchen designers are pushing the boundaries by incorporating an entire family dining table into the kitchen island – not only maximising on space but also keeping family meals within easy reach of the kitchen.

Sublime Architectural Interiors

5. The Cantilever Island

Often reserved for more luxurious spaces due to the complexity of the design, the cantilevered kitchen island is both impressive and unique, creating the illusion of a suspended benchtop surface.

Freedom Kitchens / The Block
Innovative Architecture

6. The Shelf & Storage Island

With kitchen islands normally occupying some of the most precious real estate in the home, more and more frequently we are seeing kitchen islands incorporating outward facing shelving, cupboard space, drawers and even appliances.

Rawson Homes
Mint Kitchens

7. The Oversized Island

In some kitchens, ‘continent’ would be a better term rather than island with absolutely enormous kitchen islands making their way into suburban homes. Generously proportioned kitchen islands are not only ideal for entertaining, but also offer up more storage solutions and food preparation areas.

Arden Homes
Mark Lizotte Warehouse Conversion

8. The “Anything Goes” Island

In the world of outrageous kitchen design concepts, designers are beginning to experiment with wild ideas and illusions, cementing the kitchen island’s important role in homes of the future.

Robert Kolenik
i29 Interior Architects