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Design and Specification

We create quartz surfaces that push the boundaries of creativity and design. Our wide range of colours comes in three sizes and various finishes and edge profiles, catering to different style tastes and practical applications, from kitchen work surfaces to bathroom vanities, utility rooms, and more.


Caesarstone® offers various finish options, with the finish options for each colour chosen to dress the surface in a way that brings out the best in the design while ensuring it remains long-lasting without the need for sealants or wax.

Polished Finish

With its high-gloss smoothness, Polished finish emphasizes the surface features with its stunning luster. It attracts light and reflects it with elegance, illuminating the space around it with a natural brilliance that makes it seem larger and luxurious.

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Natural Finish

A lightly textured satin sheen, Natural finish evokes the warm, supple feeling like caressing a small, smooth stone. It gently enhances the depth of color and pattern that make the surface unique, especially with darker shades.

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Honed Finish

Smooth to the touch and gentle on the eye, Honed finish offers a matte, low-gloss organic luminosity. Its subtle aesthetics is combined with a modest muted quality, adding delicate sophistication to the surface.

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Concrete Finish

A lightly textured complexion, Concrete finish is inspired by the granular tactility of smooth concrete with a low reflection of light. Its faint grainy touch evokes the sensation of an organic material that is powerfully strong.

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Rough Finish

A complex rugged look and feel, Rough finish is based on advanced technologies that create a compelling tactile experience. Surfaces get the distinctive effect of coarse industrial materials, yet remain smooth enough for easy cleaning and offer an intensified sense of real depth with heightened color.

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Concrete and Rough surfaces may require additional daily and weekly care. Due to the nature of the surface design, it is recommended that everyday household spills like liquid droplets and rings are dried immediately. As with any matte product, owners of Concrete and Rough Concrete finishes may see an increase in smudges from everyday living.
To fully appreciate each surface finish’s texture and appearance, we highly recommend taking the time to view full surface designs at your nearest Caesarstone® location.

Slab Dimensions


Most Caesarstone® quartz surfaces come in Standard size. In addition, some Caesarstone® quartz surfaces are also/only available in the larger Grande and Jumbo sizes, making it easier than ever to fill spaces with fewer joins.


Width 1440 mm
Height 3050 mm

Jumbo / Grande

Width 1640 mm
Height 3240 - 3340 mm


All Caesarstone® colours and slabs are offered in a 20mm thickness. In addition, some of the Jumbo slabs are also provided in a 30mm thickness.

  • 20 mm
  • 30 mm

Slab Weight

Thickness Standard Slab Weight Jumbo Slab Weight Grande Slab Weight Weight/m²
20mm 198-206 kg 236-247 kg 247-258 kg 45-47kg per m²
30mm - 299-310 kg - 68-71kg per m²
Thickness 20mm 30mm
Standard Slab Weight 198-206 kg -
Jumbo Slab Weight 236-247 kg 299-310 kg
Grande Slab Weight 247-258 kg -
Weight/m² 45-47kg per m² 68-71kg per m²
View and download our Technical Data Documents: Quartz outdoor 20mm | Quartz indoor 30mm | Quartz indoor 20mm | Porcelain


All Caesarstone® slabs come with a standard engineered cut, ready for experienced stonemasons to fabricate the surface to your specifications. In addition, your surface’s edge profile can be custom-designed by your preferred fabricator in a variety of thicknesses that inspire your design, from 20mm to 40mm or more. Choosing the right edge profile for your specific design style and aesthetic adds the all-important finishing touches to your surface and optimises your design.

  • Bevelled Laminated

  • Bullnose

  • Double Laminated

  • Mitred Apron

  • Shark nose

  • Shadowline

  • Aris

  • Aris Laminated

  • Aris Mitred

  • Pencil Round

  • Pencil Round Laminated

  • Pencil Round Mitred

  • Splayed

Please consult with your local fabricator as not all edges are available in all areas, and other options may be available in your location. We recommend considering the following factors:
  • The top and bottom of edges must be rounded. Do not create square edges as the larger the edge’s surface area (i.e. radius), the more resistant it is to chip.
  • All edges should have a minimum radius of 3mm to 4mm on any edge profile. For added durability, the best option is a 6mm radius.
  • Undermount sinks should have a minimum radius of 6mm on the upper edge of the Caesarstone.
  • Caesarstone® recommends a minimum range for edge profiles of 3mm to 4mm with a rounded edge to reduce the risk of chipping and increase the safety of the surface edges for your space.