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Reading: New Supernatural Designs Inspired by the World's Most Beautiful Marble

New Supernatural Designs Inspired by the World's Most Beautiful Marble

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Inspired by some of the world’s most beautiful natural marble, Caesarstone’s supernatural designs represent five of the newest additions to the Classico™ collection, all with a unique blend of earthy tones and delicate infused veins. The supernatural designs have all the stain, scratch and water resistance qualities of quartz, making them ideal for bench tops, splash backs, wall linings and furniture.

The five supernatural designs include:

  • Frosty Carrina™ – Beautiful soft ivory white with delicate powdery grey veins.
  • Dreamy Marfil™ – A delicate blend of creamy beiges with gentle brown veins.
  • London Grey™ – An eloquent opaque light grey with soft charcoal veins.
  • Piatra Grey™ – Smooth slate grey with chalky white veins.
  • Emperadoro™ – A rich fusion of lush, deep browns with maple coloured veins.

These new supernatural designs are all made using cutting-edge technology and are completely unique and exclusive to the Caesarstone® brand, backed up by proven and trusted quality, 10 Year Limited Warranty and after sales service.

Over coming weeks all kitchen retailers nationwide will be updated with samples of these exciting new designs. To view the latest Supernatural designs now, please visit your nearest Caesarstone showroom.