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Reading: Caesarstone releases two new colours for 2019

Caesarstone releases two new colours for 2019

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MAY 8, 2019

With the release of the first of its new colours for 2019, Caesarstone® has highlighted the huge shift in kitchen aesthetics. Once a sleek, shiny, almost sterile environment, the new Australian kitchen embraces the raw beauty of the industrial landscape and the organic imperfections of nature.

5151 Empira White

Concrete, once confined to brutalist, industrial landscapes, has become the undisputed star of the kitchen, its raw beauty and inherent imperfections delivering a rare authenticity to the space. In the words of global trends forecaster, Li Edelkoort, ‘the characteristics of concrete are an antidote to the alienation and fatigue people are experiencing from too much technology’.

4043 Primordia

Caesarstone’s Primordia, part of its Metropolitan collection, is an inspired rough concrete finish, equally at home in the kitchen or bathroom. Its light grey base features soft mineral markings in offwhites and greys combined with veins of deeper grey and brown that reflect the oxidised rusts found in the natural environment. Traces of faint yellow and washed greens add to the textural quality of Primordia and create a sense of movement to the quartz surface.

4043 Primordia

Empira White, the second new colour for 2019, has taken Caesarstone® a decade to perfect. Embodying the latest interpretation of authentic white marble, Empira White features the purest of white bases that creates an elegant backdrop to the fine black veins and underlying shadowy alluvial layers that together add depth to the polished quartz surface. The result is an organic interplay between light and dark.

5151 Empira White

Li Edelkoort sums up the new direction in kitchen aesthetics: “Concrete will continue to reign and black and white will continue to jostle for position. Brass will make a big difference in the kitchen – everything becomes more sophisticated when combined with different metals.”

Caesarstone’s Primordia and Empira White quartz surfaces will be available from June 1, 2019 and are just two of 48 quartz surfaces available nationally. Go to for more details.

Caesarstone® is committed to the highest safety and environmental standards and carries the ISO 14001 international standard for environmental management and performance.

Caesarstone® Primordia, installed, from $ 900m2
Caesarstone® Empira White, installed, from $1100m2