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Reading: Form Follows Food, Marbling Moods

Form Follows Food, Marbling Moods

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Into the kitchen

JULY 15, 2019

After a short absence, marble has returned to the kitchen, making a fabulous entrance in rich veining and beautifully organic colours. And who would have guessed this resurgence can be directly linked to the foods we are craving!

Leading global trends forecaster Li Edelkoort highlights the remarkable similarities in the veining found in marble to that of such foods as the artisanal blue cheeses, heirloom carrots, beetroots and dappled organic breads we are preparing and enjoying today.

Edelkoort is a regular collaborator with Caesarstone, using her widely acclaimed skills in long-term trends forecasting to ensure the brand’s 48 quartz surfaces are always at the forefront of architectural trends and design.

“We are seeing a return to classical inspirations in kitchens, with a desire for adorning, a quest for decoration and an urge for embellishing. Caesarstone’s latest collection of marble-inspired finishes ranges from the delicacy of intricately-laced lines to the dynamic drama of oversized thicker veining. These naturally designed veins and organic patinas, in highly resilient Caesarstone, are taking their place on countertops and walls and often used in large slabs as a centrepiece island bench,” said Li Edelkoort.

Caesarstone® recently introduced its most exacting authentic marble quartz finish to date. Empira White took a decade to perfect and features the purest of white bases threaded with fine black veins and underlying shadowy alluvial layers to create an exceptional interplay between light and dark.

There are seven other marble finishes in the Caesarstone® collection – Frosty Carrina, Calacatta Nuvo, London Grey, White Attica, Statuario Maximus, Alpine Mist and Noble Grey. Each one celebrates the romantic beauty of sophisticated materials and the organic motifs of veined surfaces.

“Marble is a classical taste in both the historic as well as the contemporary sense,” said Li Edelkoort.

Caesarstone® is available in 48 quartz finishes, each of which melds the authentic look of marble with the superior functional benefits of Caesarstone® – it is scratch, heat, chip and stain resistant.

Caesarstone® is committed to the highest safety and environmental standards and carries the ISO 14001 international standard for environmental management and performance.

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Caesarstone® Empira White, installed, from $1100m2
Caesarstone® Frosty Carrina, installed, from $ 900m2
Caesarstone® Calacatta Nuvo, installed, from $1100m2
Caesarstone® London Grey, installed, from $ 900m2
Caesarstone® White Attica, installed, from $ 900m2
Caesarstone® Statuario Maximus, installed, from $1100m2
Caesarstone® Alpine Mist, installed, from $ 900m2
Caesarstone® Noble Grey, installed, from $ 900m2