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Reading: Jonathan Adler creates Dreamland with Caesarstone

Jonathan Adler creates Dreamland with Caesarstone

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FEBRUARY 3, 2020.

Jonathan Adler, US interior designer globally acclaimed for his take on Modern American Glamour, collaborated with Caesarstone® on an installation that took the brand’s quartz surfaces into the realm of fantasy and beautiful illusion. Called Dreamland, the installation was unveiled at the Interior Design Show 2020 in Toronto (January 16 to 19) and was described by Adler as ‘a portal into the world of fantasy’.

Adler challenged the traditional perception of Caesarstone® – as a solid, fixed surface embracing straight lines and sharp angles – by creating a walk-through heavenly cloudscape in a rainbow of vibrant colours and textures. Clouds, faces, ostrich feathers and a giant rainbow arch were key features of Dreamland, along with neoclassical columns inspired by Caesarstone’s headquarters located in the old Roman part of the city of Caesara, Israel.

Each piece of Dreamland was beautifully crafted in an array of Caesarstone® surfaces, from the purest of whites (Empira and Intense White) to the dramatic blacks of Piatra Grey, Vanilla Noir and Jet Black along with classical marbles such as Statuario Maximus. The beautifully textured terrazzos of Atlantic Salt and Nougat contrasted with the concrete, heavily patinated, beautiful textures of Cloudburst Concrete and Airy Concrete. Luscious, unadulterated glamour was introduced in the form of two of Caesarstone’s back-lit semi-precious stone surfaces – the deep blues of Dumortierite and the pristine White Quartz.

Adler’s use of freeform, organic shapes in Caesarstone® is seen as an inspired extension of the current trend in architectural design where the curve reigns supreme – in cabinetry, interior walls and benchtops. The impetus for the Caesarstone/Jonathon Adler collaboration was the brands’ shared commitment to craftsmanship and luxury.

“Jonathan Adler’s collaboration with Caesarstone® North America – Dreamland – pushes the boundaries in terms of design and hard surfaces and encourages homeowners to dream in colour – and realise their dreams!” said Elizabeth Margles, vice president marketing, Caesarstone® North America.

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Caesarstone® surfaces used in Dreamland:

  • Pure White – pristine white
  • Jet Black – dramatic black
  • Cloudburst Concrete – concrete
  • Airy Concrete – concrete
  • Piatra Grey – dramatic black
  • Statuario Maximus – classic marble
  • Empira White – new finish, whitest base
  • Vanilla Noir – dramatic black
  • Intense White – pristine white
  • Atlantic Salt – terrazzo
  • Turbine Grey – rich grey
  • Nougat – terrazzo
  • White Quartz – Concetto – semi-precious stone
  • Dumortierite – semi-precious stone