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Elegance & Functionality by NV Design Agency


In 2018, Polish Nail Lounge opened its doors at the Indooroopilly Shopping Centre, Brisbane. Attracting a new wave of customers with its contemporary, chic and minimalistic styling and the soft, natural aesthetic of Caesarstone® Raw Concrete™

Polish Nail Lounge, Indooroopilly is one of the latest design projects for Brisbane-based interior designers NV Design Agency. NV Design Agency strives to create projects that enrich their client’s lives and bring value to their business ventures by limiting the number of projects they take on at any one time to ensure they deliver the highest quality outcomes for their clients.  
The overall aim for the Polish Nail Lounge project was to modernise and inspire the traditional design of nail salons by creating a new contemporary, chic and minimalistic space.

You don’t need clutter and neon lights to get a customer’s attention. You can achieve an engaging store through a coherent design with effective branding.

Nancy Vuong, Director of NV Design Agency 

Incorporating the natural soft grey colour and distinctive texture of Caesarstone Raw Concrete™ into the Polish Nail Lounge design, NV Design Founder and Project Designer, Nancy Vuong says “I really love Caesarstone’s Raw Concrete™. If I could use this product on all my projects I would. I love the colour and the texture. Also having an enthusiastic and helpful Caesarstone® representative to work with makes working with Caesarstone® products even more enjoyable and stress-free”.

Nancy uses the Caesarstone® colour range for many of the Agency’s design projects. Nancy states “The array of Caesarstone® colours suit the different design concepts our agency strives to achieve. It can be traditional, modern, industrial or vintage – Caesarstone® has it all. The Caesarstone® products are of a high standard and durability…they provide a sense of luxury without the hefty price tag.

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