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Houzz Australia, Chippendale Office Kitchen


Houzz has taken the Interior Design market by storm!

An all-in-one platform with over 13 million photos to inspire your design ideas & home decor, with over 1.5 million Home Professionals raring to help you make your design decisions and a technologically sophisticated interface to help you discover over 8 million different products. It is the new way to design your dream home.

Discover Houzz Australia

Discover this impeccable kitchen office fit-out in Houzz Australia’s Chippendale Office. A refurbished 19th-century office building, highlighting exposed brick & structural elements, reviving that “rustic cafe, industrial chic” vibe to an open-plan, creative space.

Utilising existing architectural elements such as the brick recess for open-shelving & semi-gloss black cabinetry is genius; then add a touch of “Houzz Green” to the mix… and when you apply these bold colours and textural materials alongside Caesarstone Statuario Maximus™ benchtops, it allows the broad warm grey veins to pop from the surface leaving a stunning lasting impression on anyone who walks through this kitchen.

Discover Caesarstone® Australia on Houzz

As a lovely ‘Houzzwarming’ present, we thought it would be nice to hang up our Caesarstone Wall Clock in White Attica™ within the Houzz Australia office and it looks outstanding!