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African Interior Project by AK Interiors


In an incredible eight week transformation, interior designer Amgad Kamel of AK Interiors turned a small apartment in one of Australia’s most refined and very up-market addresses into an exotic retreat inspired by the African plains.

The unusual design brief was presented by the extremely imaginative and adventurous owner Rajesh Vazirani – a self-described “vagabond in a suit” – who sought to create a space which was very distinct from conventional trends and could indulge his passion for Africa and its animals.

To complete this vision, both Rajesh and Amgad collected unique African-inspired materials and objects from all over the world – although they didn’t have to look far for their kitchen inspiration.

For the kitchen, Amgad utilised Caesarstone’s Motivo Crocodile for the wall lining and island waterfall edges as well as Caesarstone® Classico Jet Black – on which Motivo Crocodile is based – for the benchtop surface, creating a seamless look which meshed well with the decor of the home.

The Caesarstone® Classico Jet Black was also tied in with the bathroom surfaces on the shelf and vanity top.

“The black croc motif Caesarstone® was the starting point for the kitchen design,” said Amgad.

“Once I saw the croc motif earlier in the year at DesignEX I promised myself that I have to use it, I just loved it and then here was the best environment to use it.”

“I love the texture and the pattern. I like the fact that you can create a seamless backdrop without joints, as a product I think it has a vast potential for its application especially on vertical surfaces.”

As its name would suggest, the Caesarstone® Motivo Crocodile patterned texture surface was inspired by the scales of the world’s largest reptile – making it the ideal complement for this African-inspired home.