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Arkee and McDonalds Restaurants


Expect the unexpected

With a range of award winning projects to its name, Arkee Creative prides themselves on looking at things differently and having a unique approach to design. With a highly integrated and holistic approach, this design firm is able to deliver outcomes that are not only marketable but infinitely inviting.

A medium sized firm with some of the industry’s most respected and talented creative people, arkee has delivered over 100 singular and successful projects to a broad range of national clients in the residential, retirement and commercial sectors since 2001. Key to this firms success are co-founders and directors Paula Bowen and Martin Breeze, who bring creative flair, marketing nous and years of experience in the visual and performing arts industries to arkee.

No more evident is their innovative approach than in the Point Cook McDonalds restaurant where the striking design moves away from the traditional convention of this family restaurant and delivers results far beyond any expectations.

The brief was to create a dynamic experience and an environment where customers would feel welcome and comfortable.

“We developed a strong contrasting colour palate to produce the dynamic visual appeal and specified materials, finishes and furnishings for the interior and exterior that stand up to extreme wear conditions. Key to the design was the use of Caesarstone® on the counters, benches and tabletops” said Paula, arkee Director.

“We wanted to create a store that would standout and act as a destination point for the high profile corner location” says James Ward, arkee interior architect.

And the result was a fresh, energetic incarnation of the McDonald’s brand.