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Caesarstone Presents 'Islands' by Raw Edges Milan 2014


Following a preview at the Interior Design Show in Toronto, Caesarstone® will present a further exploration of Islands with an interactive installation focusing on food and dining within the domestic environment.

Islands exhibits the design, beauty, quality and functionality of Caesarstone® surfaces and reflects the signature creativity and playfulness of Raw Edges’ work; the installation is to be presented at Palazzo Criveli, in the heart of Milan’s Brera District.

Islands seeks to reshape the typical interior arrangement by positioning the surface as the binding element of its design. Cabinetry and appliances are slotted into purpose-built voids within the Caesarstone® surface itself instead of being placed atop or around it, thus highlighting the monolith’s value and functionality within the interior environment.

Offering a new take on a variety of domestic spaces, Islands focuses primarily on the kitchen concept and the significance of the preparation and enjoyment of food.

Raw-Edges founders Yael Mer and Shay Alkalay elaborate: “For the Milan presentation we want to further-explore the concept of the sliding of objects into Caesarstone® Islands; the focus will be on the kitchen, which will be set as a working station – a stage for performing cooking. Thanks to a rare creative freedom afforded to us by Caesarstone, we have carefully developed a conceptual interior that we hope will influence the mainstream.”

Eli Feiglin, VP Marketing at Caesarstone® International comments: “We are happy to return to Milan after last year’s success. Raw Edges are ideal partners – their ability to challenge conceptions brings a touch of ingenuity to preconceived interior environments. As a material that is mostly linked to kitchen worktops, we wanted to challenge the public’s perception of Caesarstone® by using it as the starting point of the design process. The collaboration celebrates the exceptional qualities of Caesarstone® surfaces and highlights our devotion to exploring and setting new trends in design.”