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Dezeen reflects on Caesarstone Designer Collaborations


Caesarstone® is recognized as a design leader through its international design collaborations with some of the world’s leading and innovative designers.

“It’s important for Caesarstone® to work with the world’s leading designers, to push the boundaries of what can be done with a product…”

Eli Feiglin
Skid by Sebastian Herkner – 2014 (image source: Dezeen)

In 2014, Caesarstone® collaborated with Sebastian Herkner in 2014, displaying geometric furniture made entirely of Caesarstone® at Wallpaper* magazine’s ‘Handmade’ exhibition in Milan.

Islands by Raw Edges – 2014 (image source: Dezeen)

Also in 2014, Caesarstone® collaborated with Raw Edges to build a functional modular kitchen using Caesarstone® surfaces, displayed in the Palazzo Clerici

Movements: Planters by Phillpe Malouin – 2015 (image source: Dezeen)
Movements: Swings by Phillipe Malouin – 2015 (image source: Dezeen)

During Milan Design Week 2015, Caesarstone® collaborated with Philippe Malouin on his Movements installation displayed at the Palazzo Serbelloni.

The first installation consisted of 20 geometric planters carved in a range of shapes, textures and colours.

In the second installation, Malouin displayed Swings featuring seats made from Caesarstone® surfaces, which visitors were invited to play on.

The Mirror of History by Jaime Hayon – 2015 (image source: Dezeen)

In 2015, Caesarstone® collaborated with Jaime Hayon to design a pair of large scale wall mirrors that allude to giant primitive masks designed by him, as part of his FUNTASTICO solo exhibition.

The unique mask was constructed and combined of three complementary elements, creating an exclusive and fascinating appearance – mirrors and Caesarstone.

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