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Henry Street House by Eugene Cheah Architecture


“With Caesarstone® we found a quality product that was more durable, versatile, consistent and cost-effective than its more unsustainable natural cousins like granite, marble and limestone.” – Eugene Cheah

Photography: Trevor Mein


It’s a renovated inner-city Victorian terrace where the jaw-dropping design was crafted from a focus on sustainable living.

Architects Eugene Cheah and Joanne Saw wanted all aspects of their award-winning project to reflect both the beautiful aesthetic and eco-friendly ethos. So when they searched for the kitchen benchtops and splashback, Caesarstone® ticked every box. What used to be a dark, cramped home in Melbourne’s Hawthorn now boasts a bright, open living space where a skylight that spans the length of the room overlooks undulating rafters and walls made from locally-grown plantation hoop pine.

Photography: Trevor Mein
Photography: Trevor Mein


“By using quite a modest material we’ve been able to provide the clients with a striking architecturally designed space while avoiding the use of more unsustainable hardwoods,” says Eugene. “We know exactly where the hoop pine comes from, where it was milled and how it has been produced.”

Similar principles drove the decision to choose Caesarstone® London Grey™ 5000 over natural stone alternatives like granite, marble or limestone.

“Caesarstone® is recognised as a product that will perform as well as or better than most natural stones” adds Eugene. “We also really like the idea that in a world of dwindling resources, we don’t need to carve into the side of a mountain to get slabs of stone for a kitchen bench”

Photography: Trevor Mein

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Photography: Trevor Mein


Henry Street House Features:

Architect: Eugene Cheah Architecture

Structural Engineer: Co-Struct

Benchtops: Caesarstone® London Grey™ 5000

Splashback: Caesarstone® London Grey™ 5000

Photography: Trevor Mein