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Inside Jane Cameron’s Blissful Bijou Apartment


Living with only what you need or love creates space
for a happier lifestyle.

When a series of overwhelming and life-changing events took hold, Creative Director for Fete Press Magazine, Jane Cameron, channelled her desire for a peaceful lifestyle into the design of her new compact and bijou apartment.


The vision – “an uncluttered space filled only with what is needed or loved, making space for experiences, for reflection, for contemplation, for plans”.

“As my apartment is so small, I had to be clever with my purchasing and design decisions. I chose clean, unfussy lines and features that maximised functionality, light and space” explains Jane.   

“Caesarstone was a natural choice for my kitchen. Even though it is small, the kitchen is the main feature in my open-plan apartment, so I wanted to invest in materials and finishes that would convey quality and stand the test of time”.

Jane Cameron

Behind a black sliding pocket door lies the oven and two-burner hotplate cooktop set into a luxurious and durable Caesarstone® Jet Black™ surface while the modern styling of Caesarstone® Pure White™ creates an ample kitchen island with plenty of space for food preparation and Jane’s beloved Magimix.

Other little touches like push-open doors and draws and carefully considered cabinetry design minimise the visual noise while maximising the space and storage throughout Jane’s kitchen design.

The monochromatic colour palette reduces visual distractions and maintains a sense of calm; as Jane explains,

“I find a monochromatic palette in my home environment keeps me calm and orderly, so the Caesarstone Pure White and Jet Black were easy choices, with both colours complementing other material choices used throughout the apartment”.

Jane Cameron

The light-coloured floorboards, simple furnishings and large picture windows encourage an abundance of natural light to flood in, creating the illusion of a much larger area. With city and picturesque hinterland views acting as artwork by day and custom-made lighting transforming the space at night, Jane has created something quite special.

Get the Look:

Cabinetry & Design: Shaun Simson, Simson Kitchens,  
Cabinetry: Black Cabinetry in Eveneer Ravenna 
Tapware: Swivel Tap, Astra Walker 

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