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Melbourne Central Food Court by The Uncarved Block


Residing at the heart of Melbourne’s CBD, the aptly named Melbourne Central is a landmark shopping centre recognized for its creative eclecticism and environmental stance, offering a truly unique retail experience.

As part of the brief for its design, Philip Chia from The Uncarved Block was approached to design the 2,600m2 food court in a way which was both artistic and with a strong focus on the use of environmentally sustainable materials.

The result is a design which redefines the food court experience, blurring the line between high class restaurant dining and fast food which has been achieved by selecting materials and products typically specified in luxury hotels and bars.

This includes the Caesarstone® Mosaici Marrone surfaces which were a perfect match for the Melbourne Central brief. It was chosen not only for its quality and timeless aesthetics but also as it seamlessly complimented the surrounding mosaic artwork while fulfilling the environmental criteria as a product made from up to 42% recycled material.

It should come as no surprise that the Melbourne Central food court project from The Uncarved Block has now been shortlisted for the Australian Interior Design Awards.

To learn more about The Uncarved Block or the Melbourne Central food court project visit their website.