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Oak & Orange | 70s Reno


Inside House Two – Transforming an original 1970s home
with Caesarstone® Osprey™

Serial renovators, Heather and Sarah, use their wealth of knowledge and experience to renovate an original 1971 blonde brick home. They reveal why it’s a good idea to consult your local real estate agent and use Caesarstone® Osprey™ throughout your design.


The Before:

Facing a tight budget and a twelve-week deadline, Heather and Sarah seek the opinion of their local real estate agent to help establish where they can spend their small budget for the highest return on their investment.

“When we renovate a home, we consult the real estate agents to find out what local buyers are looking for in a renovated home. This ensures we deliver a home that is easy for our agent to sell,” says Heather.

“House Two is located in an area where stone benchtops are a must, buyers expect them according to our local real estate agent. So, to stay within our budget, we select our Caesarstone® benchtop colour first and then design our kitchen, bathroom and laundry around that colour,” explains Sarah.

A new lease of life:

Knowing where to spend their limited budget, Heather and Sarah breathe new life into the 1970s home. Elevating the look and feel of the home the duo transforms the home with Caesarstone® Osprey™ and a little extra kerb appeal.

Heather and Sarah, repair and restore the original jarrah floorboards and opt for a warmer colour palette to help draw in the light and create a lovely feeling of warmth.

“It was important to brighten up the home given the dark tone of the floor. We wanted a warm white palette to offset the coldness of the timber floors.”

“The classic styling of Caesarstone® Osprey™ was perfect. We love the natural finely textured grain coupled with the warmth of this colour.”

Selecting a colour from the Caesarstone® Standard Range with the minimum 20mm thickness creates an opportunity for the duo to feature Caesarstone® throughout the home renovation. Meeting the needs of the local buyer and providing durable, long-lasting surfaces throughout.

Opting for one design from the Caesarstone® quartz surface collections for the kitchen, bathrooms and laundry spaces creates a beautiful appeal and consistency throughout the home.

For the cabinetry, Heather and Sarah opt for a ‘White Natural Finish’ for their Laminex cabinetry. “It’s a warmer tone and the perfect complement to the Caesarstone® Osprey™ surfaces,” says Sarah.

Pairing the Caesarstone® Osprey™ with natural textured subway tiles and a herringbone pattern creates a modern feel for the home.

Heather and Sarah deliver a stunning renovation transforming the 1970s house into a modern and inviting family home.

An inspirational design journey with all the details you need to help you create the look in your home.


Bench tops: Caesarstone® Osprey™ 20mm
White cabinetry: Laminex ‘White’ in Natural finish
Kitchen Sink & Tap: Reece Bathrooms
Kitchen Splashback: ColorTile
Laundry Sink & Tap: Reece Bathrooms 
Laundry Splashback: ColorTile
Bathroom Tiles: ColorTile
Bathroom Sink & Tap: Reece Bathrooms

Project by:

Interior Design:Oak and Orange
Photography: Clarity Photography