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One-of-a-Kind Caesarstone Studio Pieces by Top LA Designers


At the recent DIEM: Design Intersects Everything Made, West Hollywood Design District and Caesarstone, the leading manufacturer of premium quality quartz surfaces, was proud to announce the launch of one-of-a-kind studio pieces designed by four of the district’s most acclaimed designers and showrooms: Martyn Lawrence Bullard, Phyllis Morris, Robert Kuo and DSI Entertainment Systems.

These custom Caesarstone® pieces were revealed at a press event at Wall Street Gallery, the new destination for Street Art and Pop Art in Los Angeles.

With four diverse collections, the Caesarstone® brand offers a wide array of colors, patterns and textures providing customers with the ability to create their own customized space. Caesarstone’s highly functional, fashion-forward product encourages freedom of design with enormous application possibilities including furniture.

Participating designers were given the Caesarstone® color of their choice, and were challenged to design a unique, never before seen furniture item.

Piece: Accordion Console
Designer: Jamie Adler, Brand Director for Circa by Phyllis Morris

The accordion Console is a fashion-inspired furniture piece created with Caesarstone’s Black Crocodile Motivo embossed surface, combined with Phyllis Morris’ signature silver leaf. Adler’s inspiration stems from the unique crocodile texture of the Caesarstone® surface and the fashion component of crocodile accessorized on a beautiful dress. Caesarstone’s Black Crocodile is one finish from the brand’s Motivo collection. Caesarstone’s brilliant, patented technology creates the world’s first quartz surface with an embossed effect. The quartz is inset among the ‘accordion folds’ of carved wood. This technique is used on the top and legs of the piece. The console incorporates a black underglaze to create a finish that is edgy and modern.

Piece: Jie Rectangular Dining Table
Designer: Robert Kuo

This rectangular dining table was inspired by Jie, meaning ‘knots’ in Chinese, which symbolizes harmony and unification in the Chinese culture. The table’s top is made of Caesarstone’s Espresso colour. The base of the dining table is hand repousse copper with an antique copper finish, making this furniture item truly unique. Repousse is the traditional art of hand-hammering decorative relief onto sheet metal. The form and design is achieved by working on both sides of the sheet metal. Chase work is often used in combination with repousse for accentuating and refining the design. The overall design of the dining table embodies form, function and simplicity.

Piece: Chevron Coffee Table
Designer: Martyn Lawrence Bullard International designer

Martyn Lawrence Bullard is known for his eclectic and stylish interiors, mixing period and ethnic pieces into modern environments. This one-of-a-kind coffee table is no different. Inspired by the shapes and palates of great Italian furniture makers of the 60s and 70s, this piece exemplifies a strong, graphic approach to design. The combination of the inlaid chevron design on top of the solid cube of Caesarstone® quartz gives this design a strong presence. Bullard strategically chose a black and white combination, on of this year’s hottest design trends, for a bold statement. This enduring design is intended to anchor a room and be the focal point for the eye.

Piece: High Performance Loudspeaker
Designers: Adam Paper of DSI Entertainment, a VIA International company, and Brian Barr, CEO of CAT

DSI Entertainment Systems has collaborated with CAT (California Audio Technology) to create a pair of ultra high performance freestanding loudspeakers, which are the only speakers in the world made mostly from Caesarstone. The piece, inspired by architects, designers, home builders and audio/video installation specialists, utilizes red and white Caesarstone, aluminum, steel and copper. CAT’s engineers and designers create loudspeaker artistic masterpieces that deliver better quality than recording studio musicality while intriguing the most demanding aesthetically conscious designers.

Photos: Melissa Manning,