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Striving for end-to-end Sustainability
throughout the entire
product lifecycle

Health and safety are our utmost priority

For over three decades, we have crafted benchtops for millions of homes around the world, and we consider it a privilege to be part of families’ daily lives. We believe in leading by example and are dedicated to ensuring every phase of the product lifecycle is aligned with the highest safety standards.

Safety through low-silica transformation

Comprehensive variety of low silica products by the end of 2023

Our innovative technology combines unique minerals such as Albite (Feldspar), recycled materials such as glass and other advanced materials, creating a synergetic effect that enhances each material’s best qualities while dramatically reducing the product’s crystalline silica content to less than 40%. This line of low-silica benchtops joins our existing all-natural porcelain offering, which contains less than 20% crystalline silica. We continue with our efforts to offer world-class, products safe for stonemasons to work with when taking the necessary safety measures.

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A safe space in the heart of the home

Peace of mind with Caesarstone® lifetime warranty

Caesarstone® benchtops are created for peace of mind in the home concerning usability and safety. Our benchtops are high-quality, durable, non-porous, and non-toxic. In addition, most Caesarstone® products are independently certified by GREENGUARD and NSF to meet public health safety requirements. Caesarstone® benchtops come with a lifetime warranty and are guaranteed safe for use in the home.

Commitment to sustainability across the value chain

we craft sustainable benchtops

From 2018-2020, we reduced our GHG emissions by 17% and are in the process of achieving our goal of net zero emissions. In addition, we recycle ~95% of the water used in the production process and have zero water discharge. Other initiatives include using up to 30% recycled raw materials in our products and working towards zero landfill waste by 2026. We are deeply committed to achieving our targets for improving our environmental impact throughout the product lifecycle.

Our global ESG targets refer to Caesarstone’s internal production operation. Third-party partners will be included in our coming ESG reports.

Commitment to people and the environment

As leaders in the market, we recognize that our partners and customers rely upon us to provide products that meet the highest standards of quality, safety, and performance.
Just as we ensure our products' safety and quality, we are also committed to establishing a safe, clean, dust-free workspace for the entire stone industry and protecting our fabrication partners, who are vital to our value chain.