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Reading: 5 Tips to Get Your Kitchen Christmas Ready!

5 Tips to Get Your Kitchen Christmas Ready!

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With only a few more sleeps until Christmas, the kitchen is about to live up to its name as the heart of the home by catering for family gatherings and festive feasts.

This time of the year is also the true test of a kitchen’s versatility and functionality – so we’ve put together a short check list of things to consider when designing your kitchen to make sure it’s Christmas ready!

1. Everyone loves a social sink

Washing up after a Christmas feast is one of those inevitable chores that none of us look forward to, but that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on all the fun. 

Consider placing your sink in a position that allows you to face your guests while at the sink, such as on an island bench or below a window – the same goes for the dishwasher too which should always be within easy reach of the sink! If you’re feeling especially adventurous, bring out your inner TV chef by moving the cooktop to a more prominent position too!

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2. Keep the kitchen open for business

How many times did you hear “out of the kitchen!” at Christmas time when you were growing up? Whether its a plate from the cupboard or a drink out of the fridge, it’s always a good idea to plan your kitchen layout in a way that allows others to be in the kitchen without being in the way.

Keep appliances and items that your guests will need in a spot that’s readily accessible without having to venture too far into the kitchen – like near a doorway or at the entry of the kitchen.

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3. Be one with the BBQ

The days of having Mum in the kitchen and Dad on the BBQ are well and truly gone. In a modern home the kitchen and BBQ area should be as seamlessly integrated as possible to create one cohesive space for entertaining.

While it’s not always possible to keep these two spaces together, consider installing a bifold window in the kitchen to join the spaces more freely or make the path between the kitchen and BBQ area as simple as possible.

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4. Get a butler

While I’m sure we all wish we could have a butler on hand over the Christmas holidays to help out, the next best thing is a having butler’s pantry to hide the mess away while entertaining.

Even a relatively small walk-in pantry can be converted into a usable butler’s pantry just by adding a bit of benchtop space. If you have the room, a second sink hidden away in the butler’s pantry will come in very handy!

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5. A dine-in kitchen

If you’re running short on space in the dining area, incorporating a small dining table into the kitchen is a great way to squeeze in a few extra chairs for Christmas without having to plonk a kid’s table in the lounge room.

Depending on the layout of your home, even incorporating the main dining table with the kitchen can be a great use of space to keep everyone together.

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