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Reading: Alison Taafe - Fun, Fast and Fabulous Food

Alison Taafe - Fun, Fast and Fabulous Food

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Caesarstone® is proud to have been mentioned in part of Alison Taafe’s new cook book “Leftovers Magic” due for release in December 2010.

Celebrity is no stranger to Alison Taafe from her beginnings as a student at the world famous Westminster Hotel School in London. Her first senior appointment was as Head Chef with New York’s J P Morgan Investments branch in London before she moved on to several appointments in France, New York, and Washington cooking for presidents and royalty and famous celebrities of film, music and sport.

Eventually Alison made her home in Australia where demand has not slowed down, cooking for parliament and many dignitaries including Queen Elizabeth herself. Alison worked for 14 years as the Leading Teacher of Professional Cookery at Southbank Institute of Technology where she took out many prestigious awards and accolades. She now concentrates on her Masterchef School for amateur cooks and writing her cookbooks. The release of her first book Fun, Fast and Fabulous Food was in 2008 and in December this year we will see the release of “Leftovers Magic” in which Caesarstone® is featured as the benchtop of choice in Alison’s new Trends kitchen. Even though Alison is kept very busy these days as a teacher, food consultant and writer, she continues with her quest to find Fun, Fast and Fabulous Food for entertaining at home.

“The Caesarstone® Nimbus benchtops are truly stunning and have already received much attention and admiration from my family, colleagues and students. Which is understandable as they look fantastic. We have a waterfall effect at one end of the large bench and it magically finishes it all off superbly. Understandably these benchtops are in constant use in my house and they always clean up to look like new each time. They are truly wonderful” Says Alison Taafe.