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Reading: Darren Palmer Interiors

Darren Palmer Interiors

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Originality, creativity and determination have taken Darren Palmer from country Queensland to that of an increasingly sought after Sydney designer.

HomeMADE showcased Darren’s determination, focus and perfectionism in presenting unique and contemporary designs under immense pressure and time constraints of a television renovation series. It was this platform that gave Darren greater exposure to a wider audience his Sydney–based consultancy; Darren Palmer Interiors offers a complete interior design and decoration service specializing in sophisticated contemporary designs that Caesarstone® is well known for.

Darren describes his style as masculine, contemporary and textured, using lots of natural materials and neutral colours. The diversity of the Caesarstone® range many of which have been developed uniquely for the Australian palette compliment Darren’s style and have now featured in several of Darren’s kitchen and bathroom designs.

“I enjoy working with premium finishes such as CaesarStone, the neutral colour palette works well with the materials I use such as timber and leather whilst being functional and timeless ensuring a quality product for years to come.” Says Darren Palmer.