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Reading: Courtney Cox chooses Caesarstone® for her new Malibu home

Courtney Cox chooses Caesarstone® for her new Malibu home

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Before finding fame as an actress for her roles on Friends, Cougar Town and the Scream series, Courtney Cox had dreams of becoming an architect.

After a complete renovation on her secluded new Malibu home it is clear that her passion for building, renovating and decorating has not dwindled and Caesarstone® is excited to be a part of it.

Courtney chose Caesarstone® surfaces for her stylishly simple kitchen, favouring clean white surfaces juxtaposed by organic features such as wooden stools and a natural stone tiled floor.

During her cover story feature with Elle Decor magazine, Courtney describes herself as a perfectionist, holding planning meetings once a week for three hours to scrutinize every design detail with her team.

“I’ve been overseeing renovations of my homes for a long time, and I have strong opinions about what I want and why.” said Courtney Cox.

This makes her choice of Caesarstone® all the more impressive, passing the ultimate test of style, taste and design to be incorporated into the most important room in her home.

Via Elle Decor, photography by Simon Upton

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