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Reading: Jamie Oliver's Ministry of Food

Jamie Oliver's Ministry of Food

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Jamie Oliver’s Ministry of Food has hit Australia with his first kitchen opening in Ipswich, Queensland, featuring Caesarstone® quartz surfaces from our Classico collection.

The Ministry of Food kitchens aim to teach people the basic skills of cooking, how to shop and how to enjoy food to promote healthy eating through more affordable, home-cooked meals for families.

For those who are already master chefs in their own respect, the Ministry of Food kitchens are always looking for volunteers to share their passion for food and cooking skills with others.

“Ultimately, our dream is to get a Ministry of Food centre up and running in every town that needs it, so please get involved and support Ministry of Food Australia. This is a great opportunity to change the face of Australia’s health for the better. Let’s do it.” said Jamie Oliver.

The Ipswich centre will offer a 10 week cooking course comprised of one 90 minute class each week with 12 participants. At just $10 per class which includes all ingredients and recipes, it is guaranteed to be a completely hands-on experience so participants get to see, smell, feel and taste everything they cook.

Caesarstone’s inclusion in the Ipswich Ministry of Food kitchen is thanks to Greener Kitchens Australia which strives to create attractive, functional kitchens and bathrooms made from materials that have been carefully chosen for their health benefits and reduced environmental impact.

In keeping with their environmentally sustainable theme, the Caesarstone® material used in the Ministry of Food kitchen was comprised of reclaimed stone donated free of charge by Brisbane Marble & Granite.

“A piece of Caesarstone® was specified for the Ministry Community Kitchen because I knew it would stand up to the rigors of being used by hundreds of enthusiastic novice cooks, especially around the sink area. Caesarstone® was also a fit with the kitchen’s aim of being a healthy space because of its Greenguard certified, very low emission levels.” said Druce Davey, Greener Kitchens Australia.

“Caesarstone® has helped me to create a robust and low emission kitchen for Jamie and his Ministry of Food to inspire people to learn the joys of cooking from scratch, without worrying about scratching the bench!”

For more information or to sign-up for classes, visit