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Reading: Designing With Primordia

Designing With Primordia

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With the release of Primordia™, Caesarstone is looking to celebrate the trend for rustic-looking surfaces that reflect our natural environment.


Embrace the imperfect, celebrate the patina, and echo the industrial look with Caesarstone’s newest colour – Primordia™.

Every kitchen, every benchtop, tells a story, and this release is inspired by the trend away from sleek minimalism to a deeper appreciation of natural materials and rustic surfaces.

Primordia™ celebrates its unique imperfections – a theme common to each colour in Caesarstone’s Metropolitan Collection. Its cool grey composition brings the character of concrete, evoking a contemporary feel that still reflects a sense of authenticity.

An organic appearance reflects alluvial layers in stone created over millennia. Combining these natural aspects with a rough finish and the beauty of patina and texture, Primordia™ reinvents the kitchen as a contemporary cooking space.

Caesarstone Primordia

Soft mineral splotches in off-whites and greys provide contrast to the light grey base, combined with darker veils of grey and brown to reflect the oxidised rusts found in nature. Additional traces of faint yellow and washed green, give the surface more body completing this authentic effect.

“The rich terracotta tones of the rusted elements reflect the move to warmer tones in interiors, with coppers, chocolate leathers and exposed bricks.”


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