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Reading: Caesarstone: Adding value to your home

Caesarstone: Adding value to your home

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If you take a look at real estate websites and open home listings, you will start to see a common thread when it comes to selling a renovated home – Caesarstone® benchtops in the kitchen.


At Caesarstone, we know that kitchens and bathrooms are what sells homes and adds value to buyers. Including high quality appliances and benchtop surfaces helps to present homes at their best – and make them memorable to any potential buyers.

It is also true that using quality products will mean the kitchen continues to look good long after the rest of the renovation is starting to look a little tired around the edges.

Real estate agent Michael Harris of Raine & Horne Newtown, based in Sydney’s inner west, says that Caesarstone® benchtops are always a winner with buyers – and he always mentions them in his marketing material.

I think a fair proportion of the houses we sell do tend to have Caesarstone® benchtops” he says. “I think the reality is that it’s highly functional. We have got it at home as well, and I think the durability of it is just fantastic. It’s heat-resistant, scratch-resistant; it’s not like marble where it can stain if you put a glass of red wine on it. It’s not porous so it’s easily cleaned. There’s very little maintenance.

It’s a good product – and it’s a known product. Most buyers will quickly recognise Caesarstone® over other types of surfaces. I think it’s a product that people understand.

Michael Harris of Raine & Horne Newtown

Indeed, Harris says that he finds that Caesarstone® products are so well known in the inner west that buyers are always aware of their durability and practicality – making it an easy sell for him. 

Stewart Bunn of First National Real Estate says that buyers know that kitchens are expensive to renovate and maintain, which is why Caesarstone® finishes are such a big plus.

Kitchens and bathrooms sell houses; they really do,” says Bunn. “When you are competing for a buyer for your property and your kitchen has some of the hot-button products that people are looking for, you become more memorable.” 

Quality appliances and quality surfaces are highly desirable things.

Bunn says that modern home buyers are more educated about building products, and while there is an admiration for natural stone, people are more aware of their disadvantages and the upkeep needed to keep them pristine. 

I think the great thing about products like Caesarstone® is that they offer an almost indistinguishable product that has much greater durability and serviceability than something like a Carrera marble” he adds.

As much as people love the idea of a natural stone, they are terrified of the maintenance that goes with living with it. If you damage a natural stone product you are up for a significant amount of money.”

There is an air of quality that goes with engineered stone products, making them more suited to family life. They stand up to the rough and tumble of kids and things.

While most people renovating kitchens might do so thinking they will stay in a property over a long period of time, Bunn says it’s always important to be aware of the need to add value to the property with any work that you do on your house. 

If you are renovating for the capital gain, a kitchen is usually where people see the most value to the property” he says.

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