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Caesarstone – Eurocucina 2012


Caesarstone® exhibited for the very first time at this year’s 2012 Eurocucina Exhibition. The Caesarstone® stand measuring 300 sq. metres showcased a cutting-edge kitchen with “smart home” technology and two stunning bathroom concepts.

Caesarstone’s breathtaking concept kitchen design showcased our innovative perspective on the “total look”. Infused with fresh originality and visual sophistication, the Caesarstone® stand served as a canvas for this forward-thinking design approach and diverse, easily-integrated applications. The revolutionary kitchen is an exceptional source of inspiration for those looking to create their own, extraordinary spaces. “The majestic kitchen has tremendous impact, even with its simplistic and clean lines of design,” Said Dalia Kliger, Caesarstone® International’s In-House Designer.

Kitchen Functionality

Caesarstone’s kitchen design concept was created with optimal functionality in mind. When not in use, the showcased kitchen is an attractive and decorative furniture piece adorning the space. While in use, three kitchen surfaces open with innovative remote control technology exposing fully functional work stations.

Also uncovered is an integrated sink, with a unique rising automatic tap that operates via sensor tap technology. In addition, the kitchen gives way to a generous work space and bar, perfect for entertaining while in conversation with the chef.

The truly massive island measuring 9 metres in length is comprised of three sections, each with its own specific functional zone. The island houses 12 massive drawers, sized at 1.5m x 0.45m, opening via ‘touch’ technology, providing significant storage capability.

The rear wall of cabinets is comprised of nine doors, each 3m x 1.38m in size, all fully surfaced in Caesarstone’s Motivo Crocodile texture in Snow colour. When opened, additional fully functional workstations are uncovered with additional sink, refrigerator, wine refrigerator, built-in ovens, espresso machine, home entertainment centre, drawers and storage space.

Becoming a true design chameleon, white tones are able to effortlessly accentuate the natural beauty of any space. In designing our Kitchen Eurocucina showroom, Caesarstone® chose to highlight the incredible impact and limitless possibilities of a simply white colour.

The new Motivo Crocodile texture in Snow will be launched in Australia mid 2012.

Two exceptional full bathroom concepts we showcased for the first time. Concetto White Quartz was used to stunning effect with all surfaces back lit – floor, walls, vanity bench.

Our second bathroom beautifully demonstrated the use of our Classico colour range for total bathroom solutions – walls, vanities and even the bath.