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Coogee Residence by Environa Studio


Environa Studio is one of Australia’s leading sustainable architecture practices headed by principal architects Tone Wheeler and Jan O’connor. Sustainability is at the core of their work, and the driving force of their design philosophy.

Environa Studio has designed many residential projects most of which are influenced by a client brief. In the case of this family home in Sydney’s Eastern suburbs, having little architectural or client restrictions, the design team set to the task of creating a space reflective of sustainability, classic integrity and simplicity.

The end result was a modern family home with clean lines, bold accents of colour and importantly a highly practical and livable space. The kitchen reflects a fresh, impeccably clean design that provides abundant storage and space for preparation and dining, all effortlessly integrated with the adjacent staircase and living areas. The seemingly minimal design delivers more depth on closer inspection, and what appears at first as a virtual white-out, becomes a woven mesh of textured surfaces.

Central to the kitchen design is a large island bench, benchtops and splashbacks in CaesarStone. From CaesarStone’s deluxe range, the highly polished luster of the Snow quartz surfaces makes the ideal foundation from which all the different layers of materials radiate.

A textured panel on the island bench replicates the patterned wallpaper in the kitchen and adjoining living area. This textured finish was applied to the stone using specialised machinery and creates a common textural thread throughout the living areas.

Sharing similar company and environmental values and philosophies, Environa Studio has chosen Caesarstone® as its preferred quartz surface. With its superior properties, modern aesthetic and environmental accreditation, Caesarstone® provides this innovative design practice with a material it can confidently specify for any project.